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The owners Mike & Kate farm the land that surround the two properties and manage the 5 smaller cottages which make up Castle Menzies Farm Holiday Properties (http://www.aberfeldy.co.uk/)
Mike has a long history in Aberfeldy, having been born and raised here, whilst Kate is originally from Australia and moved here in 1993 after they were married. Having met skiing this is still a huge passion for them both, they also enjoy rallying, all outdoor pursuits (of which there are plenty in this area!), travelling, great meals & good wine! They have 3 children (James 27, Hattie 25 & Lexie 20) as well as 4 dogs..........
Their team, without whom the whole business would not run so smoothly, include; Fiona (the wonderful housekeeper), Ciprian (amazing groundsman & decorator) and Morag with her fantastic cleaning squad. 
We look forward to welcoming you to one of our lovely properties soon. 


The Clan Menzies
The Menzies Clan History is extensive and well documented. Dating from the attendance of Robert Menzies at the carriage of King Robert the Bruces' heart to the Holy Sepulchre, through the Coronation of King Robert II the first of the Royal House of Stewart and on through the battles of Flodden Field, Killiekrankie, Gladsmuir, Falkirk and Culloden to name but a few. Weem saw the foundation of the Black Watch in 1739. The company was then assembled on the Estate for 15 months when they embodied as a regiment. 

As part of the large Menzies Estate, Farleyer was probably built as a modest Factors House. It had undergone numerous extensions in its 476 year history to finally become the Dower House in the late 1800s. Built in about 1530, Farleyer was part of the 90,000 acre Menzies Estate and at the time of its sale in 1914, was the principal residence of Sir Robert and Lady Menzies. They were forced to move Farleyer after the castle was garrisoned by Cumberlands' men. Farleyer was a renowned sporting Estate and Family home to Major Neil Ramsay throughout the 1900s. 

Menzies Steading started its life as a Cattle Court in about 1840. It was originally designed and built by a student of the Architect William Burn whilst he oversaw the Ballroom extension at Castle Menzies. The Gothic B listed building was used to house cattle until the 1980s when it was no longer modern agriculture - it sadly fell to disrepair. 

And Now?
Farleyer claimed great accolades through the 1980s and 1990s as one of Scotlands' foremost Country House Hotels. Bought by Mike and Kate McDiarmid in 2002, Farleyer was transformed into a Restaurant with Rooms - the decision to close the public restaurant was taken in December 2006, and Farleyer Lodge was born. 
It has since undergone extensive refurbishment to become a warm and spacious exclusive use property. It has retained all of its wonderful characteristics whilst losing that 'hotel' feel, a place where family, friends and colleagues will instantly be at home. 

The Menzies Steading however, is a much more recent endeavour. In 1999 it was resurrected and transformed into the House of Menzies - a café & specialist wine shop which ran for 16 years. Unfortunately, due to increased business rates & the ever growing number of coffee shops, the decision to close was taken with a heavy heart. Roll onto September 2017 and we see the transformation of the Menzies Steading was complete - still retaining the wonderful space & fell of the original conversion, the modern 5 bedroom (all ensuite) exclusive use self catering property was ready to welcome guests. Many thanks must got to Mich Gray at GrayMacpherson Arctichets (http://www.graymacphersonarchitects.co.uk/) for his vision of the original conversion in 1999 and then the transformation in 2017, Donald Hankcock (Hank) for fantastic construction work on both the conversion and transformation, George, Gavin & Robbie for the wonderful building works, John Wilson Electrician, RTM Plumbing and decorators Ciprian & Lucian.
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